Moody Tongue Brewery About to Open Tasting Room

Image by Lenny Gilmor via RedEye

Moody Tongue Brewery is about to open their gorgeous new tasting room and we couldn’t be more excited!

Located at our property the Glass Factory, at the corner of Canalport and Peoria and adjacent to the Chicago Arts District in Pilsen East, the Moody Tongue Brewery’s tasting room was recently featured on the Eater Chicago’s Most Anticipated New Chicago Restaurants, Fall 2016 list.

Brewmaster Jared Rouben will keep the menu simple (though decadent) and will feature only German chocolate cake and oysters.

Images by Lenny Gilmor via RedEye

As he told the RedEye in another recent article, “My favorite pairings are dessert and beer, and by the time we get to that, we’re either too full or too intoxicated or just exhausted,” Rouben said. “So if we’re starting with cake and beer, you’ve got no excuse. And as far as oysters, I feel like I can eat oysters and drink beer all day long.”

We’re also particularly excited about the aesthetics of the new tasting room designed by Jesse and Colleen Neuhaus in collaboration with K2 Studio Architects.

Images by Lenny Gilmor via RedEye

2136 S. Peoria St., Chicago, IL 60608

Thursday and Friday: 5 p.m.–midnight
Saturday: noon–midnight
Sunday: noon–11 p.m.
Monday: 5–11 p.m.

For more details, read the recent article in the RedEye.