Tenant Info

The Chicago Arts District (CAD) website, at www.chicagoartsdistrict.org, has a 24/7 virtual gallery of work by local artists and allows residents to have their own artists’ page.  Visitors to the site can search by artist name, medium, or profession, and then see examples of work and read artists’ statements and bios.  The site also provides event information and a news page that is frequently updated with stories about the many accomplishments and endeavors of this dynamic collection of artists and galleries.

All of the tenants in the neighborhood are eligible for their own artists’ page on the CAD website.  Our site is visited very frequently, and a number of local artists have had their work chosen for gallery shows based on their artists’ page.  For more information, please visit www.chicagoartsdistrict.org.

Residential tenants are responsible for both gas and electrical service in their unit. Commercial tenants are responsible for gas and/or electricity depending on the building. This should be confirmed with your property manager.

Peoples Gas can be contacted at 866-556-6001 and ComEd (electric) at 800-334-7661.

Landline telephones are not a basic utility, and are the resident’s responsibility. It is advised that you obtain extended service from the phone company even though there is a slight extra charge for it. As a renter, you may have phone line problems outside of your apartment, and since the deregulation of the phone company in 1986, this is no longer covered by the phone company. The landlord is not now, nor were they ever, responsible for phone lines.

A variety of parking options are available for lease. Please contact the office for more information at [email protected].

All rents are due and payable on the first day of each month. Timely rental payments are important to safeguard your tenant record and credit score. If you would like to pay your rent online, please email [email protected] for your registration code.

Commercial tenants are required to have insurance.

Residential tenants are not required to have insurance, but it is strongly encouraged. If you do not have household insurance for your personal belongings, you are advised to obtain it. This is for the protection of yourself and others occupying your unit. We are not liable for theft or damage to your belongings.

If you need a rental insurance agent, many of our tenants have utilized Hruska Insurance Center at 708-798-5700.

During business hours (M-F, 9-5), you may call 312-738-8000 or email [email protected].

Outside of business hours, after-hours emergency maintenance can be reached by calling 312-738-8000 and following the prompts. This line is to be used only in the event of a true emergency, such as a gas leak, frozen pipes, or flooding.  YOU MUST LEAVE A MESSAGE, and please be specific about your problem.

We generally respond to maintenance requests quickly, but are unable to schedule appointments in order to be as efficient as possible. Please expect a repairman to be working in your apartment between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. when you have reported a problem.

Please report any leaky faucets or running toilets immediately, and turn off all lights when not in use.

In winter, be sure all windows are closed completely and sealed. Close the front and rear doors tightly when entering and leaving the building.

Opening your window shades during the winter and closing them in the summer will reduce strain on your heating and cooling systems, respectively.

Please contact the property management office at [email protected] and we will email you the move-out guidelines.

Please email [email protected] requesting the subleasing guidelines. Until a suitable replacement tenant has been found and has signed a sublease agreement or new lease, the original tenant remains responsible for all lease terms.

You will earn a one-time $100 credit when your name is listed on the Tenant Referral section of the prospect’s application.

  1. Your referral must sign a 1-year lease with Podmajersky.
  2. We will issue a $100 check to be mailed to you after the referred prospect moves in and becomes a tenant.